Aluminium & PVC Windows

Aluminium and PVC Windows

When it comes to replacing your windows, it can feel overwhelming with so many choices. We understand what options are available to you, and are on-hand to talk you through the different materials, styles and glazing systems so you can make an informed choice.

We offer a comprehensive range of windows that are suitable for commercial and residential projects and designed and tested to meet your specific building design and budget requirements. Our range of window options are compatible with a variety of accessories, locking mechanisms and are available in a wide array of colours and finishes that comply with all relevant British standards.

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Window Materials:
  • Wood: Wood windows offer a classic look and can be stained or painted. They provide good insulation but may require regular maintenance.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum windows are durable, low-maintenance, and can be customized. They are often used in modern and commercial buildings.
  • Vinyl/PVC: Vinyl windows are energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and affordable. They are suitable for various architectural styles.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass windows are strong, durable, and resistant to temperature changes. They can mimic the look of wood while requiring less maintenance.

Aluminium Windows

Many of our customers are increasingly choosing from our aluminium range of windows for a number of reasons: they are incredibly low-maintenance, highly recyclable and better for the environment, and built to last.

Our aluminium windows feature polyamide thermal break technology. This creates a thermal barrier between the cold exterior air and the warm air inside your building allowing the windows to achieve an ‘A’ rating for thermal performance helping your premises to retain its heat and saving you money on your heating bills. We also offer extensive colour customisation using a durable polyester powder coating process.

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Due to the integral strength of aluminium, slimmer frames can support larger glass panes.The slimline frames create a stylish and understated aesthetic look. Aluminium is a naturally strong material. It will resist even the harshest of British weather and will not crack, split,warp or become discoloured over time. Our aluminium windows feature high security locking systems as standard protection against any attempts at forced entry.

Aluminium Windows Features and Specifications:
  • Frame Material: Aluminum is known for its strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, making it an excellent choice for window frames, especially in areas with harsh weather conditions.
  • Design Options: Aluminum window frames come in a variety of styles and configurations, including casement, sliding, awning, fixed, and more. They can be tailored to match different architectural aesthetics.
  • Slim Profile: Aluminum has a naturally slim profile, allowing for larger glass areas and maximizing natural light intake. This feature is often favored for modern and contemporary designs.
  • Color Choices: Aluminum window frames can be powder-coated in a wide range of colors, allowing you to customize the appearance of the windows to match the building’s exterior or interior decor.
  • Glass Options: Aluminum windows can accommodate various types of glass, including single-pane, double-pane, and even triple-pane for enhanced insulation and energy efficiency. Different types of glass, such as low-E, tinted, or frosted, can be used based on specific requirements.
  • Hardware and Accessories: Aluminum windows come with a variety of hardware options, including handles, locks, hinges, and opening mechanisms. These components can be chosen to enhance both functionality and aesthetics.
  • Sound Insulation: Depending on the glass and frame configuration, aluminum windows can provide effective sound insulation, minimizing external noise for a quieter indoor environment.
  • Customization: Manufacturers can create custom aluminum window designs to match unique architectural requirements, allowing for creativity and personalization in the design process.

PVC Windows

By far the most appealing factor of uPVC windows is the cost. uPVC frames are considerably cheaper than aluminium, so if you’re looking for a cost-effective option to replace your windows, they are usually the best solution.

uPVC is the most durable of the materials available. uPVC is non-corrosive so it will neither rust or rot and the frames will not let in the cold or damp. uPVC window frames are also storm proof and weatherproof as the damp cannot penetrate the surface of these frames.

Due to its resilience and robustness, uPVC is very reliable and trustworthy when it comes to security. The frames include a steel core making it extremely difficult to break through or damage.

uPVC double glazed windows have high insulation properties. With double glazing, the vacuum between the panes prevents the cold air and draughts and the warm air and heat from escaping. As the windows are insulated you will also have fewer problems with outside noise coming in.

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PVC Windows Features:
  • Energy Efficiency: PVC windows are known for their excellent insulation properties. They can help reduce heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the building, contributing to energy savings and improved indoor comfort.
  • Low Maintenance: PVC windows do not require painting, staining, or sealing. They are resistant to rot, corrosion, and fading, making them a low-maintenance option.
  • Durability: PVC windows are resistant to moisture, insects, and harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for various climates.
  • Noise Reduction: The insulation properties of PVC frames, along with proper glass selection, can contribute to effective noise reduction, creating a quieter indoor environment.
  • Customization: PVC windows come in various styles and configurations, including casement, sliding, awning, and more. They can be customized with different frame colors, finishes, and grid patterns to match architectural aesthetics.
  • Aesthetics: Modern PVC windows are designed to mimic the appearance of traditional materials like wood, providing a clean and attractive look to both interior and exterior spaces.
  • Versatility: PVC windows are versatile and can be used in various applications, including residential homes, commercial buildings, and institutional facilities.
PVC Windows Specifications:
  • Frame Material: PVC windows are constructed from extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles. The frame material is typically hollow or contains chambers that enhance insulation.
  • Glass Options: PVC windows can accommodate different types of glass, such as single-pane, double-pane, and triple-pane, for various levels of insulation and energy efficiency.
  • Thermal Performance: Many PVC windows feature thermal breaks within the frame to enhance insulation and prevent heat transfer between the interior and exterior.
  • Hardware: PVC windows come with a range of hardware options, including handles, locks, hinges, and opening mechanisms. These components can be chosen for functionality and security.
  • Sealing and Weatherproofing: Proper sealing and weatherproofing features, including gaskets and seals, are essential to prevent air leakage and water infiltration.

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