Automatic Sliding, Swing and Bi-Fold Doors

Choosing the right door for your premises can be an important factor when considering the way people enter your building.

From cost-effective sliding doors to space-saving folding doors, each door comes with its features and benefits. We take proper time to check which is the most suitable design for your business and ensure that fits perfectly with the available space.

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With years of experience designing and installing automatic doors and manual bi-fold doors for residential and commercial clients across the UK, the team at Shopfronts Shutters Ltd is on hand to deliver the door system that suits your requirements. Whether you’re in London, Birmingham, or Manchester, contact the team for a free no-obligation quote today. 

The types of entrances you can choose from include automatic sliding doors, swing doors, Shop Front Fitters London and UK or bi-folding doors that are built using an automatic or manual system.

High-security glazing, locking mechanism including security deadlock and hook bolts, powder coat options and excellent weather performance are some of the many special features of our door systems.

If you have any questions about our automatic door installation services, then get in touch with the team today. We can design and install an automatic sliding, swing, or manual bi-fold door system that works for you. For the best quality shop front doors London at the best deals, you will get every single door style from our Shopfronts Shutters Ltd. From Manchester to London, we’re here to help.

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Key Advantages of Doors
  • Historical Significance: Doors have been an integral part of human architecture since ancient times, serving as entryways, exits, and barriers for protection and privacy.
  • Architectural Diversity: Doors come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and materials, reflecting the diversity of architectural traditions, cultural influences, and design preferences.

  • Privacy and Security: Doors play a crucial role in providing privacy and security by allowing occupants to control who enters and exits a space, and by offering protection against intruders and the elements.

  • Technological Advancements: While traditional doors are manually operated, technological advancements have led to the development of automatic and smart doors equipped with sensors, actuators, and connectivity features for enhanced functionality and convenience.

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