Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Robust Fire Resistance and Automatic Integration

Our Fire Rated Roller Shutters are not just about robust construction; they are a critical component in enhancing fire safety measures. Designed to conform to BS EN 16034:2014 standards, these shutters provide a fire resistance level rated between 60–240 minutes. They integrate seamlessly with existing fire systems for automatic activation, ensuring effective response in the event of a fire.

Options Tailored to Your Needs
  • Single Skin Shutters: A practical, cost-effective solution for essential fire resistance.
  • Twin Skin Shutters: These offer superior protection by significantly reducing thermal transfer, keeping areas cooler and safer.
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Dual Benefits – Safety and Security

Constructed from thick steel, our fire-rated roller shutters provide not only fire resistance but also an impressive degree of security. This makes them an ideal choice for various settings

Benefits of Fire Rated Shutters

Fire-rated shutters offer several critical benefits for fire safety and building protection:

  • Fire Containment: The primary function of fire-rated shutters is to compartmentalise areas within a building, preventing the rapid spread of fire and smoke. This containment can help control the fire’s growth and limit damage.
  • Life Safety: Fire-rated shutters provide crucial time for building occupants to evacuate safely during a fire. By slowing down the fire’s progression, these shutters contribute to saving lives.
  • Property Protection: These shutters can help protect valuable assets, equipment, and inventory within a building by preventing the spread of fire and reducing damage.
  • Compliance with Building Codes: Many building codes and regulations require the installation of fire-rated shutters in specific applications, such as fire exits, kitchens, or areas containing flammable materials. Compliance with these codes is essential for building safety and legal requirements.
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  • Insurance Benefits: Installing fire-rated shutters can sometimes lead to reduced insurance premiums, as they demonstrate a commitment to fire safety, which may lower the risk of significant property damage during a fire.
  • Reliability: All of our shutters are rigorously tested and certified to withstand high temperatures and flames for specified durations, ensuring their reliability in critical fire scenarios.


In summary, fire-rated shutters are a crucial component of fire protection systems, offering life-saving benefits, property protection, and compliance with building codes.

Their installation is a prudent measure for enhancing fire safety and minimising the potential impact of fires on both people and property.


  • Curtains 75mm Galvanised finish steel interlocking laths, or 100mm twin skin Galvanised finish steel insulated interlocking laths with end locks to prevent lateral movement.
  • Bottom Rail A strong roll-formed bottom rail 1.6mm thick fitted to the bottom of the curtain. Roller Heavy-duty seamless tube and mounted between M.S plates.
  • Guides Galvanised steel roller angle and folded steel channel guides bolted to roller plates.
  • Operation Outboard single-phase or three-phase electric motor. By means of push-button control.
  • Finish Galvanised or powder-coated (any colour from our standard range).

All Solid shutters can be powder coated in any standard RAL colour.

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