Aluminium Shop Fronts

Aluminium Shopfronts

Aluminium shopfronts offer a major impact on the overall look and feel of your business. It is now popular on our high streets and is increasing the number of businesses selecting aluminium shopfronts for their commercial entrance requirements.

Due to its lightweight, strength and durability, aluminium is in demand as a favoured construction material. In addition to this, aluminium shopfronts in London also require little maintenance, keeping business costs to a minimum and making things ideal for outdoor usage.

We offer an extensive range of Thermal and Non-Thermal aluminium shopfronts, which are modern, versatile and economical. We fabricate our in-house profile using the highest-grade aluminium and also use Comar, Kestrel, Sapa, Aluk and Jack aluminium systems.

Aluminium Shopfront in London
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The thickness of the aluminium and the shape and size of the profile along with the strength and flexibility has to offer, makes forced entry difficult and overall security performance robust.

Aluminium shop fronts London are the choice of many shops because it provides a clean and strong system for a very competitive price. Our aluminium shopfronts include glass sections with a trim of aluminium and two types of doors: manual swing/sliding doors and fully automated ones for customer entrances.

As experts in Aluminium Shopfronts, Shopfronts Shutters Ltd can manufacture and install distinctive façade solutions for retail outlets and shopping centres. Our wide range of products allows architects to design Aluminium shopfronts which are unique, attractive and distinctive. These great quality products are complimented by our quality manufacturing and installation service.

We have a wide range of products helping architects to design unique, attractive, and distinctive aluminum shopfronts. These products are recommended for quality manufacturing and installation processes.

People around the nationwide UK have a great focus on aluminum shopfronts. Shopfronts Shutters Ltd can make your doors and shopfronts outstanding with quality aluminum shopfronts. It will improve the appearance of your shop. It will improve your foot traffic after adding a modern uplift to your shop.

Aluminium shopfronts are aesthetically pleasing, which in turn will attract more customers through your doors.

Automatic doors can be added to your new Aluminium Shopfront, being single sliding, double sliding or swing doors. We are also bringing an advanced and customized collection of automatic doors that are perfect for all high streets covering all retailers, banks, and offices. You can visit our Automatic door page for more details.

After installing the aluminum shopfronts, the strips of aluminum are required to hold the glass in place. The window is then designed so that the glazing bead is on the inside, meaning there is no way that any potential intruders can remove the bead and glass from the outside to gain access. As an additional extra, we also offer electric roller shutters which we can fit once the shop-front is in place.

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Most of the customers having a shopfront installed often go for installing a roller shutter as well to provide extra security to the shop. The other advantage of installing aluminum shop fronts is that they are very attractive and easy to maintain. Our wide range of aluminum shopfronts is designed to meet the basic needs and requirements of commercial ground floors.

Even it offers flexibility in styles and longevity with the latest technological advancements in fitting the shopfronts. At the most, aluminum shopfronts are highly resistant to corrosion and withstand every weather condition. So that’s why most of business owners use aluminum shopfronts for better durability and flexibility.

If you are searching for aluminium shop front near me in London, Shopfronts Shutters Ltd is the top notch stop for all your shutters and shop fronts requirements. 

aluminium shop front near me
  • Powder coating available to suit your shop front layout and colour schemes.
  • All glazing is finished and fitted to BS6262 and BS6206.
  • We also have a range of handles, push pads, D handled and full lock types.
Aluminium Shopfront Specification
  • Main profiles are 100mm deep with a face dimension of 45mm for single glazing and double glazing.
  • 90 degree and variable corner sections are available, plus square and sloping bead options. All profiles accept glass and solid infill panels from 6mm to 28mm, are pocket glazed.
  • Doors for your Aluminium Shop Front can be manual or automatic, choose from Swing, sliding or bi-folding operation to suit your needs and your budget.
  • Manual shop front doors are fitted with aximconcealed overhead hydraulic closers on either single or double doors with low, medium or high strength options as well as hold open or swing through types.
  • All of our Aluminium doors and Aluminium Windows offer full weather-stripping to the perimeters.
  • We offer excellent security features such as, Locking facilities including Deadbolt (by way of a hook bolt lock), Latch Lock (with options of handled or thumb turn), Electric key pad and various other electric options.
  • Powder coating available to suit your shop front layout and colour schemes.
  • All glazing is finished and fitted to BS6262 and BS6206.
  • We also have a range of handles, push pads, D handled and full lock types.
Aluminium Shopfront Features
  • Lightweight, but extremely strong and durable.
  • Zero maintenance and resistant to extreme weather conditions.
  • Wide range of RAL colours to choose from.
  • Recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly.
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The aluminum Shopfront framing systems are well-furnished and powder-coated to meet the highest standards of quality. It is specifically designed to match the taste and suit the corporate and brand requirements by offering security and furnishing at the same time. It comes with a range of over 200 polyester powder paint colors available in a gloss, matt, or satin finish that offers wide range of textures and color combinations to select for businesses.

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